By Jonathan Cahn

The teacher led me into the Chamber of Vessels and to a section within it in which was a large reproduction of the Temple veil, that which marked the entrance to the holies. “What do you see,” he asked, “on the veil?” “The cherubim.” “An image of the cherubim embroidered on the veil…a two-dimensional representation of the cherubim…with height and width, but with a missing dimension-depth. The reality represented by the image has, of course, more than two dimensions. But on a veil, one is limited to representing three-dimensional realities on a two-dimensional plane. Now let’s go behind the veil.”

So we passed through the veil and into the reproduction of the holy of holies. “Now, what do you see?” “The ark of the covenant,” I replied. “And what do you see on top of the ark of the covenant?” “Figures…of the cherubim…in gold.” “And how many dimensions do they have?” “Three.” “So from outside the veil, one sees the cherubim in two-dimensions. But from inside the veil, another dimension was added. And where are you when you pass through the veil?” “In the holy of holies?” “Which represents the dwelling place of God, the heavenlies, and the secret place, the place you dwell in prayer and worship before God’s presence. Outside of that place you see the cherubim in two-dimensions, but inside, you find another dimension. There are realities,” said the teacher, “that you can never know until you go beyond the veil and dwell in the presence of God, realities waiting in the depth of God’s presence, the depth of prayer, and depth of faith and worship. Compared to that which lies in the presence of God, everything the you’ve known in the world is like a two-dimensional drawing on a piece of parchment, and all your ideas of God are like two-dimensional images embroidered on a veil. Make it your aim to go beyond the veil, into the secret place of the holy of holies and dwelling of His presence…beyond the woven images of cherubim and into the reality of the Most High.”

The Mission: Enter this day beyond the veil, into the deep and deeper and deeper of His presence, to dwell in the dimension of the heavenlies.

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