ToBy Ronnie Floyd

A missionary in India was once teaching the Bible to a group of Hindu ladies. Halfway through the lesson, one of the ladies got up and walked out. A short time later she came back and listened more intently than ever.

At the close of the hour, the leader inquired, “Why did you leave the meeting? Weren’t you interested?” “Oh yes,” The Hindu lady replied. “I was so impressed with what you had to say about Christ that I went out to ask your carriage driver whether you really lived the way you talked. When he said you did, I hurried back so I wouldn’t miss out on anything.”

So my question to you and to me are these from an unknown poet:  What would He find, should He come just now? A faded leaf or a fruitfulness bough; A servant sleeping, and idle plow; What would He find should He come just now? What would He find should He come tonight? Our garments soiled or spotless white; Our lamps all burning or with no light; What would He find should He come tonight?

The privilege of living in the presence of God is open to every believer. Yet many of us settle for remaining outside of the Holy of Holies, satisfied to grow weary and old in the outer courts of the tabernacle. What prevents us from entering this gateway where power and breakthroughs are occurring? It’s not the character, nature, or actions of God, but the darkened veil of our own self-worship, a self-life that has not been carried to the foot of the cross.

When we pray and fast, our lives become positioned to encounter the holy God.  When we encounter Him, the veils are lifted and the liberty begins. Breakthroughs occur because of God’s power moving in our lives. That is holiness in action.

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